Monday, October 29, 2012

Minor Irritations

Tried to post last night only to have my computer tell me that it couldn't connect to the Internet.  Given that I had woken up in the morning to find the light on my phone on and the screen telling me there was an "extension is use", I was pretty sure there was a problem with the phone line (which also feeds my internet service).  Either that or the kittens had learned how to use the phone!  The line was dead all day but I was able to use the computer without any problems until about 9 p.m. last night but this morning, everything was working fine, so not sure what the problem was or how it got fixed, but glad I didn't have to call Ma Bell and wait for a repairperson to visit.

Got a scratch on my finger when one of the kittens and I reached for the same thing at the same time yesterday morning.  Then I ended up with a small burn in the exactly the same spot on my finger (what are the odds of that??!) as I was cleaning up my stuff at the encaustic wax class at Bizzy B that I attended in the afternoon (great class, details to follow when I can get my photos uploaded) and I brushed my hand against one of the little irons we were using.  No big deal, just a little sore.

Not one but two people ahead of me in line at the grocery store on my way home from class had several more items than the 1 to 12 limit that was suggested by the express lane sign overhead. Lucky for me, they both seemed to come to their senses and wandered off to find a different cashier.

It was cold and wet and I actually wore my gloves for the first time yesterday. 

Just a few minor irritations and nothing compared to what folks on the Eastern Seaboard are dealing with as they prepare for the arrival of Hurricane Sandy.  We're supposed to feel her presence here in Toronto as well, several inches of rain and very high winds expected.  I'm going out at lunch today to gas up the car and stock up on water and cat food, just in case.  My cupboards are rather bare, I'll have to make do with peanut butter and crackers for the most part if I should find myself without power for a few days but my flashlight works and I don't have any worries about flooding, now that my car is moved to a drier parking spot and living in a highrise as I do.

Hope everyone stays safe and dry and warm.  We can handle a few minor irritations, it's the major catastrophes we're hoping to avoid!

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