Friday, October 19, 2012

Not As I Had Planned

I didn't have anything special planned for tonight, thought I'd just go home after work, have dinner, play with the catlings, maybe watch a little TV.  As sometimes happens, it didn't quite work out that way.

I ended up working until almost 7 pm, finishing up a project that could have waited until Monday but I wanted to just get it done once and for all.  Sometimes it's nice to work in an office that is all but deserted, the peace and quiet easing me along after a busy week, no interruptions, no ringing phones, the printer entirely at my disposal.

On the drive home, a black cat dashed across the 4 lane highway in front of me.  I don't consider that to be a harbinger of bad luck, at least not for me, but I do worry about that puss, where he or she was going, if they would find their way safely home, if they even had a home to go to (where I saw the cat was a long way from any houses), if they would have to risk their life crossing that highway again.  Sending up prayers for its safety.

I stopped to picked up milk and headed home.  When I came in the door, after cuddling my cats and the current crop of foster kittens, grateful that they have all been rescued off the street and are not running loose on a highway somewhere, I checked my phone messages and discovered one from Barb at Bizzy B, letting me know that the new journals were in stock.

What new journals, you may ask?  The new Dylusions journal from Ranger!!

Dina Wakley had one when she taught at BB last month, they are fabulous (read more about it here, where I got this photo).  Of course, I immediately put my coat back on, grabbed my keys, said goodbye to the kittens and headed off to the store.  Never mind that I hadn't yet had dinner! 

When I got to the store, the monthly ATC meeting was just coming to an end so after paying for my purchases, I headed next door to Pizza Hut for a quick bite, joined by my friend Marilyn.  We had a nice visit and then it was time for me to go home.  Again.  It was 9:30 by the time I got in the door for the second time and as you might guess, I'm a little tired now!

So my evening didn't go quite as planned but at least now I have two of these lovely journals of my own, shiny new, completely empty and ready to go.  Guess what I'll be doing tomorrow??!

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Anonymous said...

Two of these fabby journals are in my possession and I just spent 5 hours spraying inks in them and 3 other journals as well.....5 hours, 5 I Dylusional, or what?