Sunday, October 21, 2012

Wallpaper Collage

I've had a quiet weekend, trying to take it easy and send this cold packing.  It's been two weeks now and things are definitely improved, hardly coughing or sneezing now although I have woken up with a sore throat for two days in a row now, which makes me wonder if it is truly gone.  Others have mentioned having a similar bug that seems to go away and come back, I hope that isn't what I have.

Besides the sewing I posted about yesterday, I've been making a little bit of art and doing a little bit of cleaning and organizing, in between and/or while watching TV and cuddling kittens (yes, surprisingly, all 4 are still here.  Cute as can be, sweet natured, growing like weeds, constantly active and exploratory when awake, totally zonked out when asleep.  They each weigh about 5 lbs. now and are scheduled to be spayed next week).  I went out for groceries today as supplies were getting scarce but otherwise, I've been indoors all weekend in my pyjamas!

One of the things I've been working on was collaging with scraps of wallpaper from this book I bought at an antique store recently for only $5.00.  It's a sample book from Eaton's department store, measures 8.5 x 10 inches in size. 

Don't you love the retro living room?  Funny thing is, the wallpaper shown on the cover above isn't one of the sample in the book!  For the most part, the wallpaper is rather pretty but some of the patterns are rather strange.  Here's what one of the more alarming patterns looks like:

Odd, isn't it?  Who would want these mini moon craters all over their wall?  And why mix them with roses of all things?!

Here's how my collages turned out:

I had a bunch of little scraps left over that I was about to throw out, until I had a look at the back of them and realized I could form the pieces into what looks to me like a palm tree on a little island.  So I glued that design into my journal!

The reverse side of the wallpaper pages is just as interesting as the front, I have to say. Only 45 cents a roll back then, can you imagine?  I'll be using some of this text in future journal pages for sure!


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Nice. Very creative.