Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Artober - Week 4

Amazingly, another week has zoomed by and my participation in Traci Bunkers' 30 Days To Get Your Art On challenge.  After my drawing class on Monday last week, I promised myself that I would draw every day for my 15 minutes of art making and I am pleased to say that I kept that promise, although I will also admit that some days I really had to force myself past my inner critic's efforts of resistance in order to get it done.

Thurs Oct 18 - I drew a picture of my craft caddy:

Fri Oct 19 - after my impromptu trip to Bizzy B and dinner with my friend Marilyn, who showed me some sketches she had been doing where you just close your eyes and doodle and then see what it looks like, I played around and drew a bunch of little pictures like these:
A fish and a fire truck
and this (I call him the good night man):

Sat Oct 20 - I drew a still life made up of a fish, a fork and an insulator:

Sun Oct 21 - I drew a still life featuring the items I had been using over the past 2 weeks to battle my cold:

Of course, I had a little help arranging my still life:

Mon Oct 22 - week 5 of my drawing class.  We learned how to draw faces (the principles of which I already knew from taking classes with Jane Davenport, especially her Supplies Me online workshop, which really is a fabulous class for both learning how to draw and the merits of various art supplies).  This is my drawing of a sample drawing of a mouth our teacher gave us:

We also had to draw one of our own eyes - here is my left:

Tues Oct 23 - since my week of drawing commitment was over, I decided I would make a collage to commemorate my morning with the Red Cross Meals on Wheels program, using the pamphlets and handouts they had given us in our orientation session:
It might still need a big red cross on it,
I haven't decided yet!
Wed Oct 24 - started a journal page with a Hallowe'en theme (planning ahead for next week).  Glued down some phone book pages, a sewing pattern, a strip of text from a Fedex package and a torn up phone ad, together with a black and white image of Leonard Cohen

then added some orange, black and white paint, including some on Leonard's face so it will look less like him and more like a spooky mask of some sort (although at the moment, it looks more like a mime than a ghost or a monster!)

Stay tuned for next week's final installment of my daily 15 minutes of making art!

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Lori Wostl said...

Love looking at your daily progression and your kitties - kitties have been banned at my house as my boys have allergies...sigh