Sunday, October 3, 2010

Versa 2.0

Picked up my new car yesterday.  She's a real beauty.  Of course I got another Nissan Versa because, really, why wouldn't I?  It's the right size, style and price point for me, I like the way it drives and as of two weeks ago today, I'm very clear on exactly how effective is the car's five star safety rating! 

I decided to go with blue this time around.  Not that I've got anything against red, I had a cherry red Pontiac Vibe before but my gut feeling this time around was not to go with the red colour again.  Looking back, I realize that most of the cars I've owned have been various shades of blue, from my first car, which was a navy blue Honda Prelude.  That car was followed by a turquoise Mitsubishi hatchback, then came a turquoise Pontiac Sunfire, then the red Vibe which was replaced by a dark blue overall, blue tends to win out as far for car colours for me.  I'm seriously attracted by bright yellow, lime green and pumpkin orange cars as well but usually those colours aren't available in the car models I choose.

I like this blue, it's very bright and cheerful.  The rental car I'd been driving for the past two weeks was grey inside and out and combined with the fact that it rained most of that time period as well, I couldn't handle it - it was soooo depressing.  I could not have lasted with that shade.  I'm hoping this shade of blue, what Nissan calls "Daytona Blue", will help keep my spirits up as we head into the long, cold winter months ahead.  (I think Daytona Blue makes a good name for the car too, I like the sound of it.  It seems to suit her.)

But first, we have the beautiful shades of fall to enjoy.  Here's a cool photo I took yesterday - I like the way the tree is framed in the mirror, a pure fluke of positioning.  (yes, I was driving as I took the photo but I was careful too, there were no other cars near me and it was on a straight stretch of a relatively quiet country road).


Sharon said...

Daytona Blue is Beautiful! Congratulations! Sharon

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Daytona Bluebelle?