Thursday, October 7, 2010

No GPS after Dark?

It seems there might be an argument for not using a GPS in the dark.  In the past 24 hours, I've heard of two separate incidents involving GPS systems which might possibly have steered people into dangerous situations.

First there was the story of a woman here in Ontario who ended up with a sinking car in the middle of a swamp late at night, because her GPS told her to drive there.  In her defense, it was dark and raining really hard when this happened but at the same time, I can see why she was too embarrassed to give her name to the reporter.

Then came the news story of a man in Cordoba, Spain, who allegedly drowned after his GPS had him driving into a lake:

Having just recently experienced driving with a GPS for the first time while we were in France, and having chosen not to make several of the recommended turns because the instructions did not appear to be correct, these stories don't surprise me.  I'm sure an in-car navigation system can be a handy tool but it seems they might not have worked out all of the bugs just yet.

Of course, accidents happen in daylight too and without any help from technology.  The other day, some guy drove his pickup truck into the window of my favourite clothing store, Hamilton Creek, in downtown Lindsay.  Apparently, he hit the gas instead of the brake.  It happens, right?  Sadly, yes.

I love this picture I found on the Internet, it seems to suit these situations perfectly!

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Susanna Originals said...

Jian of the incredibly sexy voice (and other stuff) on CBC radio had a program about that yesterday. He carried it further, asking what we would (or could) do without our electronics - could we survive? No laptops, blackberries, GPS, cells, palm would affect younger people more but I go into withdrawal just thinking about no computer access. And I can drive into a swamp without any electronic help whatsoever.