Sunday, October 17, 2010

Flamboro Antique Show

My friend Barb and I had a great time perusing the wares at the Flamboro Antique Show at the Milton Fairgrounds yesterday.  Lots of interesting things to see, a few treasures to take home with us, and as always, a few special items left behind with regret.

We arrived about 9 a.m. and it was a bit chilly to begin with, gloves were a necessity but wearing them made it difficult to fondle the items that caught our eye, so I walked around wearing only one for quite a while.  This dog appeared to be dressed more warmly than we were:

(we were even more amused to see him being carried about by his owner later in the morning!).

We were not the only ones a bit flummoxed to see this outfit being worn by one of the shoppers:

I was charmed by this pillow of French silk flowers but didn't want to spend $85 to own it.

How cute are these place tags? Makes you wish you were invited to a dinner with people named "Gramp" and "Twinkle Eyes", doesn't it?

I enjoyed looking at everything but I have to admit that several things seemed wayyy too expensive after the bargains we had seen at the vide greniers in France last month.  I was gratified to see that old black and white photos like the ones I had found in France were selling for anywhere between $1 and $7 a piece here, depending on the size and subject matter.

Both Barb and I were seriously tempted by a fancy shoulder height dresser with a mirror on top.  The vendor offered it to us for only $100 and showed us where we could pull up our car to load it in.  It was dark wood, in great condition and all of the drawers slid in and out perfectly, unlike a beautiful but frustrating dresser I have at home.  But alas, we both had to admit that we didn't have a spot to actually put said piece of furniture if either one of us decided to buy it and so we reluctantly walked away from this bargain.

When we left around 2 p.m., ours was the last car left in our area of the parking lot.

Back at Barb's home, we relaxed in the hot tub for a long while, watching nuthatches and chickadees helping themselves to sunflowers in the bird feeder and enjoying the beauty of the late fall afternoon and the view from the hot tub, while Wayne kept us supplied with cool drinks. 

What a lovely day!  Tomorrow I shall show you pictures of some of the treasures I brought home with me.

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