Friday, October 1, 2010


I got a reminder in the mail today to tell me that my car is due for an oil change.  Apparently, whomever is responsible for generating these mailings hasn't yet heard that my Cherry Bomb won't be needing any new oil.  Nor was I anywhere near the 12,000 km mark they think I should have hit by now, I was just under 8,000 km when the accident occurred.

Equally ironic was the mailing I got last week from the company that provides our health benefits at work, offering me a $10,000 accidental death policy for only $10 a month.  Not quite what you want to find in the mail just days after a major car accident.  Or is it?

I'm off to pick up my new car tomorrow.  I must say, the people I've been dealing with at Nissan, both at the car dealership and the finance company, have been wonderful, more than helpful.  The insurance company people have been pretty good, not quite as great as the Nissan staff but then again, they're the ones out of pocket in all of this, so it's understandable they might be slightly less likely to be warm and fuzzy.  But still, they too have been very helpful and the fact that I'll be sitting in a new car in less than 2 weeks time seems like pretty amazing service to me.  I am very grateful to all involved in making this happen and to my dear sister, who is driving me to Lindsay to pick up the car.

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Can't wait to see what colour and the name you give her.