Friday, July 9, 2010

Turquoise, Hot Pink and Saffron

Tonight is the monthly Artist Trading Card night at the Bizzy B Stamp and Scrap store. This will be my third time attending and my very first time taking part in the swap. I'm kind of nervous, as it seems to me you have to be more than a little bit brave to be willing to make creations to give away to strangers, but I'm kind of excited too, because I'm quite pleased with how my cards turned out.

The theme for tonight is "turquoise, hot pink and saffron". Originally, I thought it would be easiest to make all the cards the same but I started playing with designs and quite liked how they were all turning out, so I just kept going until I had a dozen made. Some are the same but different. Some of them feature one or two of the new B Line stamps I got at the store a couple of weeks ago (i.e., the daisy or zinnia flower and the "Dream" stamps). Some of them feature that lovely photo of my grandmother dipping her toe into a river or pond back in 1930, which I printed out on turquoise paper.

I found a really cool stamp to mark the back of my ATCs. It sets out all the pertinent information - the title of the card (for this series, I called it "Live in Colour"), name of the artist (yours truly), details (in this case, I listed the 3 colours we used for our theme), the date and the number (i.e. 3 of 12).

When I was done, I put all the cards into a baseball card sleeve so they'll be easy to pass around to show everyone in the group.

On Monday, I'll share some photos of the cards that I receive in the swap. In the meantime, wish me luck - I'm off to share my creations!

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Unknown said...

I love the colors and your grandmother's picture. The names of the color evokes teh lazey days of a hot summer. Not too bad here in STL. Stef