Friday, July 30, 2010


I was catching up on The Dixon Chick's blog yesterday and read her post on reaching 10,000 hits. After I congratulated her and left a comment in order to be entered into the giveaway she is having to celebrate, because of course I could use some Swarovski bling myself, who couldn't?! (what do you mean, how do you enter? alright, alright, click on the link on the right and scroll down to her post of July 24th and leave a comment before midnight on July 31st), it occurred to me that I should check my own blog numbers and guess what? I've done it too! How exciting!

As of today, I've had 10,343 views and 15,004 page views. I don't know who all these people are, I'm pretty sure most of them aren't related to me and in many cases are total strangers, judging by their locations all over the world. Some of them appear to find me by way of the blogs of Kate McKinnon, Marcia DeCoster, The Chick herself, Beadfx and on at least 2 memorable occasions, Kyle Cassidy, so thanks to those wonderful people for mentioning me and directing traffic my way. As for the others, somehow the wonder of the Internet brings them to my doorstep and that is a pretty amazing thing.

A great big thank you to everyone for visiting and taking the time to read my musings!


The Dixon Chick said...

Way to go, Cynthia!!! Doesn't that automatically entitle you to some sort of present from the person who got you into blogging? Uh - and that would be me!!! I'm going to make you something.... special!

Cynthia of Cynful Creations said...

Well, sure! Any excuse for a present sounds good to me!! Thank you, I shall look forward to receiving whatever it is. :)