Thursday, July 29, 2010

Love Letters

Kate McKinnon wrote a very interesting post today outlining some of her future plans, one of which involves writing a book of love letters (click the link on the right hand side to read all about it, under the heading "Such a Lovely Day").

She mentioned a project that The Times Online did back in 2007, in conjunction with the publishing of a book called "Four Letter Word", allowing readers to sign up to receive one love letter a day for a week from the likes of Margaret Atwood, Neil Gaiman and Leonard Cohen. Can you imagine what a special week that would have been? There is a hilarious sample from the book of a series of emails, you'll have to read it for yourself but I promise, it's worth clicking this link to check it out: http://

In describing her own project-in-development, something Kate said really struck a chord with me. It was, and I quote, "I remember my shock, about eighteen years ago, when I learned that there were many lovable people who had never received a love letter." Wow. To be honest, that thought had just never occurred to me before. I am lucky enough to be able to say I am not one of those people. I can even remember the first love letter I received. I was at camp and it arrived rather crumpled, sticky and slightly illegible as it had been wrapped around a butterscotch candy and I think it had gotten wet from having been left out overnight and covered with dew. I don't actually remember what it said nor, sadly, do I even remember the fellow it was from, but I know he had a crush on me and I'm pretty sure I had one on him too.

I also still have, in a box of letters and cards I've saved over the years, a hastily written note that a boyfriend left behind after spending the weekend at my place that said, simply, "Had a great time. Love, R..." It may not have been overly original or poetic but I still remember how loved I felt when I found it lying on my desk after he had left.

Sadly, I have to admit that both those examples happened many years ago and it has been a while since I received a love letter from a member of the opposite sex. Nor have I written any in quite a while, although I have done so in my time and pretty good ones, if I do say so myself. Indeed, in this age of computer technology, I have to say it has been a while since I received a handwritten letter of any sort! But at the same time, I feel like I am getting love notes delivered to me all the time, with every email or text message I get or from a comment left on this blog or on my Facebook page, each one feels like a little dose of love from someone near and dear to my heart.

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