Friday, January 22, 2010


Rider Jason Weiler took this photo a couple of weeks ago of a Toronto Transit Control ticket collector and posted it on Twitter yesterday. A number of media outlets picked up the photo and it is front and centre on a couple of newspapers this morning and apparently it has gone viral over the web since then. Needless to say, the matter is now "under investigation" by the higher ups at the TTC, taking the position that "if employees are fatigued, they should be at home." Gee, do you think? Good thing this guy wasn't driving a bus at the time, eh???

On the other side of the issue, the transit union expressed concern that Jason and other riders did not make any attempt to determine whether the employee in question was actually sleeping or perhaps unconscious as the result of a medical problem, that they should have been knocking on the window to see if they could wake him up (instead of laughing at him, taking his picture and/or entering the subway system without paying a fare).

Personally, I think the piece of cardboard across the collection slot is kind of clear indication that this guy was not really planning to be open for business, don't you?


Sharon said...

We all get a few minutes of fame in our life. Poor guy.

LP Vintage said...

Hi Cynthia! This is so funny - my husband is a TTC collector - no that's not him in the photo! But he sure is taking a lot of ribbing about it - lol!

At a very quiet transit station late at night, I can see exactly how this could happen. Personally, I've almost fallen asleep in the little bookstore I used to work in when there were no customers around for hours at a stretch.

The little cardboard cover on the opening is to keep out drafts and dust that swoop into the booth when the trains whistle through the tunnels :-)