Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Great Aunty Brenda

I got a postcard in my mailbox the other day addressed to Great Aunty Brenda. Anna, David, Jordan and Charlotte were visiting South Africa for 17 days over Christmas and sent her a card to say hello. Only problem? I'm not Brenda. Since they didn't put a last name, I don't know if it's just the wrong apartment or a totally wrong address. Perhaps Brenda is the woman who had this apartment before me - in which case, Anna, David, Jordan and Charlotte haven't really been keeping up with the family news since they don't appear to have realized Brenda moved about 14 month ago! Nevertheless, I shall put the postcard on the bulletion board beside the mailboxes and hope that Brenda finds it.

Lovely photo of "one of the elegant farmsteads near this fruit-farming centre in the lovely Drakensten Valley with its historic association with the French Huguenots who settled here some 300 years ago", isn't it? And how about that buffalo stamp? So cool.

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