Sunday, January 17, 2010


What a day! I have spent literally all day being totally focused on making a travel journal for my boss and her 13 year old daughter, who are leaving for London on Wednesday. I'm using the format taught by Mary Ann Moss in her Remains of the Day class and I've been at it since first thing this morning. Somehow, I ended up doing most of it today, although I had started putting the pieces together a while ago. It even involved an early evening trip to Walmart for supplies - I needed embroidery floss and/or heavy duty thread to bind the pages into the journal. Now that it is done, I am totally wiped!

Unfortunately, I can't show any photos just yet as I have to wait until after I have given it to them. But I am quite pleased with the result and I hope they will be too.

I am excited for them both to be taking this first trip to London, it is one of my favourite cities and I was there in January just two short years ago to visit my friend Bryan, who was doing a house swap with someone who wanted to visit his native Australia.

It was the first time I ever saw a Chihuly. I had no idea someone like the artist Dale Chihuly was out in the world making this sort of fabulousness out of glass. This sculpture hangs in the lobby of the Victoria and Albert museum, which is an amazing place and one I can't wait to get back to.

Here's a picture of Mark (who also answers to the name of Bob, who is Bryan's cousin by marriage), myself and Bryan, at that place with the big stones, also known as Stonehenge. Note the oh so fashionable earmuffs I am wearing - it was a cold one that day!!

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