Saturday, January 23, 2010

Sparkling in the Sun

The sun made an all too brief appearance for a few hours this morning. When I first walked into the kitchen to make some breakfast, the light was pouring in (one of the joys of having a southeast facing apartment), which caused me to delay unloading the dishwasher and grab my camera instead. I wanted to photograph the antique mason jars I got last week at the auction sale - five jars for five dollars, quite a bargain.

As you can see, two of the jars are turquoise blue, two are green and one is clear with sort of a sepia brown tint to the glass (although I realized when I was taking a picture of the lids, I have one more turquoise lid than I should have). I just loved the way they sparkled in the sun.

Even the clean dishes in the dishwasher had an extra gleam to them in this morning's light.

Thank goodness I took these pictures or I'd be wondering if I dreamt it, it's gone all cloudy this afternoon. Hurry back, Mr. Sun!

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