Thursday, January 21, 2010

Vision Boarding

Last Thursday night, I took a class at a craft store in Toronto called "Wise Daughters" ( in which we learned how to make a vision board. The idea is that by creating this, we will activate the laws of attraction and put it out there into the universe that we'd like to achieve these things and begin the process of making the dream into a reality.

The class was taught by Ruth Tamari, who is a certified professional life coach. She started off with a visualization exercise and then walked us through the process of putting our vision onto paper, which involved some time searching through a huge pile of magazines looking for just the right photo. The class was very well structured and Ruth kept us on track, making sure we didn't spend too much time searching for pictures and words and not enough time actually making the finished piece.

My friend Annette took the class as well, here's a picture of her board (which she gave me permission to post). As you can see from the cow and the cowboy boot, she dreams of owning a country property one day. I love how she left half of her board empty, leaving lots of room for more dreams to be added.

Here is my board. I had several things in mind while I was collecting pictures and words from the magazines but once I started putting the images on the paper, several of them got left off and surprisingly for me, I ended up with a board that is very focused on the idea of finding a new love for myself this year. In fact, this dream takes up about 75% of the available space, with just one little corner (in the bottom right hand) devoted to travel. Hmm, interesting, don't you think?


sharon said...

My gut says this is the year my Friend for sure. Make a list of everything you want in a man, leave nothing out and don't joke about anything (learned the hard way on that one) and put it in an envelope and keep it in your southwest corner in a drawer or something. Woo hoo! What a lucky man he will be to have such a wonderful person like you.

kate mckinnon said...

SO right, Sharon, about not being flippant with such requests. Crazy things happen when we really ask for what we want.

Cynthia, I have rarely met anyone as well-suited for love as yourself. I wish for you someone kind, and funny, who knows how to relax and laugh and values the qualities in you that shine through as clear as day; your honesty, your intelligence, your sense of humour, and your deep love of romance.

You are a beautiful person.

Cynthia of Cynful Creations said...

Thank you, my friends, for your encouragement and your support, I do appreciate it! xo