Friday, February 13, 2015

Haiku My Heart Friday: Grateful

Kind words of comfort
Help to ease the pain of loss;
Grateful for the love.

Two weeks ago tonight, I was sitting at this very computer composing a Friday haiku when my sister phoned to tell me our brother Craig had passed away.  The terminal cancer diagnosis he had received just before Christmas meant that this news was not completely unexpected but at the same time, it was a total shock to hear he had left us so soon.  Needless to say, that interrupted blog post didn't get published.

It has been a busy and emotional time since then.  I am so very grateful to all of those who have sent cards, emails, flowers, Facebook messages and texts and posted online offering words of comfort to myself and my family.  Anyone who has lost a loved one will tell you how much these messages mean to the recipients, each one a layer of warmth and love that wraps those of us who are suffering in a cocoon of caring.  Thank you all for your support at this difficult time.
The four of us: Janine, Jay, Craig and Cynthia
At the funeral last week, we didn't have very many pictures of us four siblings together (the older we got, the rarer it was to have us all together in front of a camera, unfortunately). I found a few more this week from the olden days (apologies for the not so perfect quality of these photos, I don't have a scanner, so they are photos of photos.)

First there were two of us, me and Craig:
Then Jay made three:
Love the angelic smile on baby Jay's face!
Then four:

With Grandpa Harrison
With Grandpa and Grandma Fawcett,
and the stockings she made (still being used all these years later!)
Grateful for old photographs, helping to preserve memories of days gone by and happier times.


Gillena Cox said...

sorry to hear of your loss, yet its so awesome to relive loving memories, have a nice Valentines 2015

much love...

J C said...

It's extremely hard to lose a loved one, Cynthia. My deepest sympathy and understanding is sent your way. I know he knew he was loved...can tell by the photos. xoxo

carol l mckenna said...

Ah, the loss of a loved one is very painful even though you know it is coming ~ Lots of distant healing reiki energy to you and your family ~ xo

Happy Weekend to you,
artmusedog and carol

Unknown said...

Great post.... Awesome pictures. Been thinking of you all lately. Hope your all doing well. Xo

Lea said...

Sending love Cynthia. Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos and memories with us, for touching our hearts and letting us join you here in remembering your Craig. XO

rebecca said...

my darling friend,
so lovely to cherish your family photos right along with you. four sweet happy babies. so many memories; the very terrain of your life completely composed of your siblings growing up together. may your memories of craig always fill you with the wonder of life and invite you to love even stronger all the moments left to live.

Nonnie said...

that's heartbreaking news. sending warm hugs to you and your family