Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Tub Cats

Almost two years ago, I posted about how my then foster kittens liked to play in the bathtub - you can read it again here.  Fosters no more and luckily for me, they have grown out of the stage where they would try to climb the shower curtain.  They still like to play in there though.  Sometimes I'll be in another room and I'll hear this noise, the sound of something softer than a bowling ball banging around against the sides of the tub.  That means at least two of them are chasing each other around and rolling about in there.  I often wonder if my neighbours can hear the same sounds and what it is they think I'm up to?! ;)
All I have to do is turn on the tap just a little bit and there's at least one cat in the tub, checking out the stream of water.  It seems to fascinate them.  This was the scene yesterday morning:

Hard to believe Matisse is small enough to fit in that corner spot but she does.

Almost two years later, these 2 munchkins are still weaving their loving spell around my heart.

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Anonymous said...

That sounds so cute. I wish mine would play in the tub, and I'd take pictures. My Susie likes to sleep in there from time to time.