Thursday, September 25, 2014

One Saturday in September

For the past few years, one Saturday in September, I attend the Aberfoyle antique market. They're actually open every Sunday throughout the spring, summer and fall but twice a year, they have a special Saturday market that includes several more vendors than their usual bunch. There is always lots of cool stuff to see and in some cases, buy.
This trunk was the very first thing I saw.  I might have bought it, just for the fabulous papers glued inside it (I think they were needlework patterns):
I really loved the cover of this celluloid photo album but I thought the $40 price tag was too high for an empty photo album and the back cover was quite an ugly velour patterned fabric.  Still, now that I'm looking at this photo again, I'm regretting the fact that I didn't go back later in the day and see if they'd lower their price.
Which is exactly what I did to get a deal on  a different album from another vendor, who was more than happy to sell me this to me, including the photos inside (sample below), for only $20 - score!
This woman was my personal choice for best costume.  I remember thinking, "Oh wait, were we supposed to dress up?!"
I just love seeing the way certain items are collected together and displayed.
This hairdryer looked like it belonged in a Jetsons' movie.
I kid you not, it's called the Turbinator!
It's always a sad time of year, knowing the outdoor antique market season is drawing to a close.  We ran out of time, money and energy before seeing everything last weekend, I might just have to sneak in one more visit before they shut up shop for good on October 26th!

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