Monday, September 15, 2014

A Gelato Lesson

I took a class last week at Bizzy B called "Yummy and Delicious Gelatos".  Sadly, it did not involve the tasting of any Italian ice creams of the same name. It was all about the lipstick-shaped tubes of colour made by Faber Castell.  You can see some of them in bottom left corner of the photo below.
The class was taught by Daniza, who kindly agreed to let me be the 10th person when I called the day of the class to sign up.  Obviously, gelatos are a very popular topic!
We made four cards, each using a different technique that involved the gelatos, two of which are shown below (both made by Daniza).

For the most part, my cards turned out almost identical to her samples, with just a couple of notable exceptions.

The card shown below was my favourite. It involved making an image with embossing powder (in this case, the white swirly pattern, which is the "stamp of the month" at the store for September) and then adding colour using two or three shades of gelato, creating a very dramatic effect.
For my version, I positioned the card vertically instead of horizontally and added the text at the top of the card, rather than at the bottom.  Plus my colours turned out less turquoise and more greeny blue than Daniza's, but of course, any combination of shades would work with this technique.

For this birthday card
Daniza's version
I had some trouble with the stamped doily and ended up with an incomplete image (and a rather botched image in the bottom right corner, although the idea was that the stamped image should be slightly imperfect, to add to the vintage look of the card. Ah well.)  In order to hide the gap, I added a strip of matching ribbon down the left side of the card to make the blank space less noticeable.
My version
I was so enamoured of the various techniques I learned in this class that I spent a few hours yesterday making several more cards on my own at home.  I'll share those with you in tomorrow's post.

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