Monday, June 23, 2014

Flying the Flag

World Cup soccer is a big deal in a multi-cultural city the size of Toronto. I've lost count of how many cars I've seen flying flags this past week, and that's not counting the ones in the parking lot at work!  So far, host country Brazil
Brazil Flag
and Italy seem to be tied as far the most popular choice
but I've also seen flags for Germany (the one with the crest is a state flag, I've learned):
and France
(It almost looks like the Eiffel Tower in the background of that photo, doesn't it??)

I had to look this one up, it turned out to be Croatia:
Here's what it looks like unfurled:
Croatian Flag
There's even one poor soul who just doesn't seem to realize that summer has arrived and hockey season is over for this year.  I think it's time this flag was given a decent burial!
This proud Columbia wins the award for biggest flag:
Personally, I can't get excited about soccer. It just looks like a lot of running back and forth to me, a bunch of guys chasing a white ball on grass.  I can't really believe there are 3 more weeks left in this tournament.  I also can't believe Google has had soccer doodles every day for a week now, is that going to continue for the duration?  The one today was cute though - everybody in the boardroom watching a game and cheering, until the boss walked by and they quickly changed the channel to look like they were having a meeting.  Very clever!  But enough already!

Many thanks to, where I was able to look up those flags above with which I was not already familiar and copy the above images for the Brazilian and Croatian flags.

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