Thursday, December 19, 2013

Someone's Still Hard At Work

It's 7:30 on a December Thursday night, pitch dark outside, a mere 6 days before Christmas, and the construction crew down on the ground outside my window is still hard at work.
I've been taking pictures every morning once daylight arrives (just haven't had a chance to post them!) as the view changes quite dramatically from day to day.  This morning, at 7 a.m. when it was still dark out, I noticed there were several trucks lined up on the road.
By the time it was light enough to see what was going on, there were big piles of dirt in place.
This afternoon, I got home early from work, while it was still light out, and thought the landscape was starting to look like they're building a racetrack.
See what I mean, with the loop? However, what you might not be able to see is they have placed a couple of concrete barricades across the portion at the top of the photo (don't ask me why, they weren't there this morning!)
which means the bottom route is the only one currently available. At the moment, they appear to be taking loads of dirt from the piles on the left in the racetrack photo above to the street (which is just out of view on the right hand side) where they had dug a big hole last week and appeared to be installing new pipes.  Here's the view from street level, taken two days ago on my way to work.
(I had plenty of time to take photos as traffic was stop and go while the sign guys controlled our destiny, which was already moving slow as molasses due to the rush hour snow we were experiencing, never mind the guys with the "slow" and "stop" signs that were telling us when we could finally move ahead.)
Tonight, I know they're still working, because there's a constant "beep, beep, beep" as the dump trucks back up the entire way!! Sigh.
Not sure if they're working so late trying to finish before Christmas, before the big winter storms we are supposed to be getting tomorrow and this weekend, or what.  All I know is, I'd like the beeping to stop, please!!

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