Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Graffiti in Paris

My friend Kate McKinnon just got home from spending several weeks in Barcelona. While she was there, she posted several pictures of the street art and graffiti she found there.  You can view her album by clicking here.  The majority of the images she posted are absolutely amazing, and made me think of the graffiti I saw in Paris, some of which doesn't even begin to compare, like this very primitive, simplistic one:

Most involved more skill and talent.  Some were what I would call "cartoon graffiti":

Others appealed to me because they looked like something I could sketch, like these:

The graffiti wasn't always to be found on walls, a number of Parisian trucks seemed to have been decorated by very talented painters:

I enjoyed these ones made by the artist known as "Miss Tic":

You can see more examples of her art here.

These were some of my favourites:

I enjoyed discovering these various images out and about in Paris.  The best part was the way you would just come around a corner or look up and the image would just be there in front of you, unexpectedly, delightfully, in a variety of styles, some colourful, some black and white, all intriguing.

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