Sunday, December 1, 2013

In Search of Colour

I've been flipping through the delicious pages of this book by Nichole Robertson:

which inspired me to take myself out for a walk this afternoon looking for colour, seeing as it was such a grey day otherwise. I found plenty.

A red plastic party cup, just outside the front door of my building (the same sort of cup into which they will pour your margarita in San Miguel de Allende, if you wanted to take it for a walk, say, from one bar to the next.  Or so Jeanne discovered.  "There are no rules in Mexico!")
These orange markings on the sidewalk (perhaps directly me to buy a lottery ticket for $5 million?)
were positioned very near to these orange constructions cones lined up on my street (I'm worried about what they are going to be used for and when!)
This snazzy yellow sportscar, which is probably about to be tucked away in that garage for the winter:
A splash of turquoise paint on this water pipe cap:
and a paler turquoise on these discarded cupboards/bookshelves:
Green was part of this strange still life on the bench in the bus shelter, made up of a dirty cleaning rag, a wand from a lip gloss and a whole bunch of empty Freezie wrappers.  What kind of weird collection of stuff is that??

Fluffy grey squirrels were the only other living things I saw on my walk today (I'm guessing the damp weather was keeping most of the humans indoors) but I did see one or two black squirrels as well, all of whom were busy collecting food - although this one appeared to be checking out the Christmas light installation.
White paint left a funky design on this lamppost:
And last but not least, these brown and white snowballs from earlier this week, left behind in a schoolyard when the snow melted.
Okay, I admit it wasn't as exciting as looking for colourful items on the streets of Paris but on the plus side, it felt more like early spring today, and that's a good thing for the first of December!

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