Saturday, September 14, 2013

More Fashionable Pages

Here are the pages made by my fellow Journal Junkies, as presented at last Monday night's meeting.  (We were a small group that night, so there are only a few!)

Bette's page contained a number of quotes from various famous designers.

Diana's page featured the very cool, very hip clothing company two of her sons have recently formed - you can check out their website here:

Kelly did two similar pages, one for her own journal book and one for the book Bizzy B uses for display, based on the theme that fashion is more than just what you are wearing, it's almost about how you show your inner yourself to the world.

Barb had a number of pages with a fashion focus in her journal but hadn't quite settled on which one she wanted to use for this month's theme. In the end, I forgot to take pictures of her pages!

Next month's theme is "monsters" - stay tuned!

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