Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Foster Fail #3

I have been remiss in telling you about the kittens who came to stay.  Belle Matisse and Belle Cherie (affectionately now known as Matisse and Suzie) were foster kittens who came to stay with me just over a year ago with their sister Belle Simone and their momma, and another kitten named Calliope - remember her? The one who had a botfly larvae embedded in her neck? (read about it here)

Belle, the mother cat, got adopted right away (I'm FB friends with her adopted mom so I get to see photos on a regular basis and hear the updates on how she is doing, which is great!), their sister Belle Simone and adopted sister Calliope soon after that (I wrote about it here).  Matisse and Suzie stayed with me and made themselves part of the family.

They get along well with both of my two cats, Maggie and Katrina, who are each a couple of years older and former foster mothers who litters were successfully adopted.  Katrina, who has always been a loner, tends to keep to herself and either tolerated or didn't tolerate all the various fosters that came and went (as evidenced by the amount of hissing that ensued), seems to actually like these two.  Or at least, she doesn't hiss at them any more and once or twice, I've actually caught her playing with one or the other.  She herself is actually becoming a much more playful cat since they have arrived, which is a real treat to see.  Maggie seems to enjoy having them to play with as well, there is much chasing back and forth when the 3 of them get going and otherwise, the two kittens play with each other and sometimes groom each other.  They are still very much a pair, as well as being very social with the older two.

The longer they stayed, the more I got to thinking it would just be best to keep them permanently.  So now I'm part of a four cat family and probably officially a cat lady.  I'm okay with that.  I have decided not to foster any more cats for the time being, having 4 permanent cats seems like quite enough at the moment! One of the advantages of being single is choosing who you get to spend the majority of your time with.  For me, I'm happy to spend a large part of it with these four furballs.  They certainly do making coming home at the end of the day a special time.  I am a lucky girl indeed.

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