Thursday, September 5, 2013

Day 4 in NYC

Last Saturday, our last day in New York City.  One last breakfast for Debbie and me.  Decided to try out a deli across the street from Appleby's. We had french toast, which was good but not great (no berries, no whipped cream!) but the price was right.
Debbie made faces for the camera
Walked Debbie back to her hotel and made sure she got her ride (a very posh Town Car) to the airport.  Waved her off and headed off on foot down the Avenue of the Americas (where I was delighted to see they are still celebrating the Chicago Blackhawks' Stanley Cup win)

and made my way to M&J Trimming, a store full of eye candy in the form of ... you guessed it, trimmings!  Ribbons, buttons, sequins, feathers.  It wasn't hard to find a few treasures there to bring home with me.

Back to the hotel the long way round, had a bit of a stroll along Fifth Avenue and various streets while admiring the architecture.

Had another look at the outside of the New York Public Library (I do love those big stone lions!) but couldn't go inside, as it was just before they opened at 11 a.m. and I needed to keep moving.

Had my picture taken with you know who, since I hadn't had a chance to take a ride on the Staten Island Ferry to see the real thing.

Took a shuttle bus to the airport.  Spent the first 45 minutes of the trip picking up other passengers but it's also a good way to see parts of the city you might not otherwise see.  Picked up a bite of lunch at the airport and amused myself while I ate by watching this guy contort himself on the lounge seats to try to nap.

Plane was delayed two hours due to mechanical difficulties which meant they had to fly in another plane for us bu eventually, we were in the air and I was on my way home.
Alas, this picture would be so much better
without the dust particles on my camera lens
looking like amoebas! But for now,
let's pretend it's raindrops on the plane window!
What a wonderful trip it was, I was so glad to have had a chance to catch up with my Australian friends and spend time in The Big Apple!

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