Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Connection Problems

I lost my Internet connection last night around 8 pm and haven't got it back yet. After trying unsuccessfully to resolve the issue myself, I called Ma Bell and spent 20 minutes rearranging furniture to get to my phone jack in order to comply with their automated troubleshooting suggestions. After several minutes on hold after that, the gentleman I spoke to in some other part of the world was able to determine the modem isn't getting enough power and that means I need a new power cord ("these things happen in Canada", he told me, due to storms, etc.) Which means a trip to the mall tomorrow to pick one up at the phone store. Frustrating but not the end of the world. Except that I had wanted to post photos from my visit to the World Trade Center today on the anniversary of 9/11. Again, not the end of the world if it happens tomorrow instead of today but still disappointing. Bear with me, I hope to be back online again soon! In the meantime, I think I just need to...

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