Friday, August 16, 2013

Water in the Storage Closet

About 2 months ago, I got a call from my cleaning lady to tell me there was a puddle of water underneath my vacuum cleaner.  Turned out I had water leaking from the tub, through the wall, into the storage closet.  I suspect the grouting and/or caulking were old and cracked and that's why the water was leaking.  There was a bubble in the drywall beside the tub on the bathroom side of the wall as well, which I had noticed but to which, I must be honest, I hadn't paid a lot of attention.  Here's the before shot, where you can see the dark stuff that might have been mold and the bubbly drywall above the baseboards, the peeling floor tiles:

The water damage went unnoticed for heaven knows how long because there was a shelf unit standing against that wall that covered it up completely.

Lucky for me, the superintendent of my building arranged for me to get new tiles installed in the tub surround of my bathroom, as well as new fixtures.  The drywall at both ends of the tub was repaired, replaced and/or repainted as required.

All work was properly inspected by the appropriate authorities.

Just yesterday, the last stage was completed to finish the job when they installed a new ceramic floor in the storage closet to replace the old peel-and-stick floor tiles that had been there previously.  What a treat!

Of course, it all took a while to get done because anyone who does any kind of plumbing or renovation work has been incredibly busy since the great storm and flood of July 8th.  I knew my job wasn't a priority by any stretch of the imagination and that's okay.  But now, everything is done and I can finally put all the stuff from the storage closet back in there, stuff which has been piled in various spots around my apartment for the past two months. Maggie has inspected the final job and deemed it to be acceptable.

From now on, the only liquids in my storage closet will be cleaning supplies in containers and the kind that gets turned into little clay balls in the litter box!

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Unknown said...

Hey.. Did this happen due to issues with the drywall. I am on the lookout for drywall supplies for renovating my garages. Is there anything that i should be mindful of ???