Monday, August 26, 2013

On Vacation

I'm taking a few days off this week, heading to The Big Apple to meet up with a friend who's visiting from Australia.  Last time I saw her was six years ago, also in New York City.  Then, it was late October and bitter cold.  This week's forecast is much warmer and sunnier, should make riding around on the double decker tour bus feel a lot less like sitting in a freezer turning into a popsicle and more like being a piece of bacon sizzling in a frying pan, but I'm okay with that!
Free vintage clipart image courtesy of
- poster by Adolphe Treidler
I may or may not have a chance to blog while I'm there.  I posted last Friday using my new iPhone and it worked like a charm, we'll see what kind of luck I have in NYC with only WIFI service to rely on (my hotel charges $15 a day for Internet service, I will not be signing up for that!!). We'll see how it goes.

Have a good week!

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Have a blast!