Thursday, January 31, 2013


I've been meaning to share a lip dub with you.  If you don't already know, a lip dub is a video of a group of people lipsynching to a song using a single unedited shoot.  This particular one is a pet adoption video made by the Wake County (Raleigh, NC) SPCA that my friend Laurie sent me a mere five days ago.

Except that when I went to play the link again today, I found that the video in the link she sent me has been removed.  Apparently, because they used ABBA's "Take A Chance on Me" song without permission, they were asked to stop showing the video because it was violating copyright laws. 

The video I have embedded above is the muted version, without the song.  However, it does include a link to the ABBA song that you can play separately. Or you can play your own copy of the song if you happen to have the CD or cassette tape or record album on hand. Or just sing along in your head. However you do it, I recommend that you watch the video, it's quite entertaining (although I do find the videographer sometimes focuses the camera a little too much on the pretty girls and not quite enough on the cute animals but these things happen).

What's even more interesting is the story posted on the Wade County SPCA's website about how they were asked by ABBA's legal team to remove the video more than a year ago.  Since then, bootlegged copies of the video have continued to circulate on the Internet, as recently as this January, including the version my friend Laurie sent me last week.

You can read all about it for yourself here.  Yet another interesting tale about the power of the Internet.

Enjoy the video (if the embedded version above happens to get removed on YouTube, there is also a link at the bottom of the SPCA's writeup).  Of course, I must warn you, watching it might make you want to adopt a lovable, furry creature - not that that's a bad thing!

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