Friday, January 11, 2013

Getting There

My Sketchbook Project is slowly coming together (did I mention it has to be in the mail by next Tuesday? And that I'm out of town all day tomorrow and won't be able to work on it again until Sunday?!).

I had an idea for the middle page, which turned out to be about love (because, really, love is at the centre of everything, isn't it?) this morning as I was having my breakfast - did I mention I've been doing most of the work on this project standing up at my kitchen counters so as to be out of reach of the kittens' paws?? - and quickly laid out the bits and pieces of my potential collage and took a photo before I had to leave for work.

When I came home, I started gluing everything into place (I say "gluing" but I've been attaching almost everything in the book with double-edge tape, just to be sure it will stay stuck for the long term).  A little bit of rearrangement and one or two minor changes and voila, the finished spread.

I am especially excited to have included a photocopy of a portion of a love letter that I have in my collection of vintage ephemera.  It dates back to 1931 and is one of a group of letters my friend Diane picked up for me at the Rose Bowl flea market in California last year.  Imagine ending up with someone else's love letters from 80 years ago?!

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