Thursday, January 17, 2013

My Sketchbook Project 2013 (Part 2)

Here are the rest of the pages from my Sketchbook Project which I mailed in on Tuesday.  As you may have read in yesterday's post, my theme was "mystery".  (click on any photo to see a larger view)
with flap closed
with flap open

I really enjoyed putting this book together. I don't think I've ever worked on a journal where I had to focus on a single theme all the way through, I kind of liked it. Limiting myself to use just black and white with a touch of red was both a challenge and helpful at times. Although I must say, while I was finishing the book with the deadline looming, I didn't let myself do anything else for about 2 weeks solid and during that time, I had so many other creative ideas going through my head, it was amazing! Of course, I didn't write them all down and now I can't remember half of them but perhaps they will come back to me! :)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful job.

Anonymous said...

This book is beautiful. I will check it out and can't wait to hold it in my hands. Lovely job!