Friday, January 18, 2013

A Dangerous Outing

I went out at lunch today, braving the bitterly cold temperatures, to pick up a copy of the latest issue of Cloth Paper Scissors Studios magazine, the Winter 2012 edition.  I had to get a copy because the Australian studio of my friend Jane Davenport was featured in it.  Jane and her husband have now moved to a new home so these photos are all that remain of that wonder studio, which those of us who took her Supplies Me course online often viewed and admired from afar.  In fact, if you watch any of Jane's videos on YouTube, you'll be able to get several peeks as well.  But still, I had to have the magazine.

Of course, after I'd found that magazine on the shelf, I had a peek at the others on display.  And ended up coming home with 3 more:

A dangerous outing, indeed, and an expensive one because I couldn't resist the temptation to add these magazines to my collection. So much for that New Year's resolution!

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