Monday, January 10, 2011

The DeClutter Project Report - Week 2

Having worked so hard last weekend, completing 5 tasks in 4 days, I was relieved to pull an easy job out of the declutter tin this week.  However, it was so easy that I procrastinated about doing it and didn't make a start on it until late Sunday afternoon.

The task was to declutter my two bathrooms.  The first one was easy and only took me 15 minutes, mostly because it is the guest bath, so I like to keep it tidy at all times regardless.  Other than showering every morning in this washroom, because only one of my two bathrooms has a tub, I don't use it. I did need to declutter under the sink, where I keep towels, and in the vintage wood and wicker laundry hamper, where I keep even more towels.  Which of course begs the question, how many towels does one person need? Not as many as I had on hand, that is for sure.  Some of them are definitely past their prime and are looking a little ragged or discoloured (you know how a white towel doesn't look so white if it gets washed with dark colours?).  I was glad to do this job, as I will be donating my excess towels to my vet's office.  When I took Max in for the last time last month, I noticed they placed him on a old towel for the final step.  It was clean and soft but clearly used.  I figure the least I can do is donate a few more for other cats to lie on when they are sick or dying.

The second bath is the ensuite, which is only a two piece and again, a pretty easy job to do.  Really, the only thing to clean out was under the sink but that was a jumbled mess, as you can see from the before picture on the left below.  Afterwards, that space was much tidier, I had sorted everything into small baskets and thrown out every that was expired or unused and as a result, there's a lot more empty space.

My sister tells me that the before and after pictures from last week didn't look overly different and she'll probably say the same thing about this week's photos.  You'll have to take my word for it.  I can see and tell the difference myself, based on the amount of stuff I donated last week (I literally filled my whole car with items) and by the amount of things I threw out this week.  It feels good to get rid of all that old, unused stuff and it just makes going through my every day routine that much simpler and easier when things are less cluttered and more organized.


LP Vintage said...

Good for you to keep on track with your decluttering!

I leave a box for donations at our back door that I add things to all the time. When it's full, it gets dropped off at Goodwill. But last time my husband took a box of stuff, he took our daughter's good winter boots; they had been drying near the back door and somehow got put on top of the donation box and off they went!

By the time we missed them and figured out where they went, it was too late to try to reclaim them, so she will have to buy new ones - arrgh!

Declutter Diarist said...

Love reading about your declutter project I am doing the same thing and blogging about it at

Will check back to see how you are getting on and for motivation!