Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Trip Report - Day 4 - First Seattle Game

Back on Friday, June 9th, after driving all day from Coos Bay, OR, for a total of about 400 miles, we had time for a quick stop at our hotel before heading downtown to see our first Blue Jays game in Seattle, Washington.  As we got closer to the stadium, we could see many Blue Jays fans heading towards the game, all dressed up in their distinctive blue team gear.  We got off the bus in front of the Century Link stadium where the Seattle Seahawks play football and walked toward Safeco Field (the baseball stadium) next door, admiring the art work on display on the various buildings in the area.

We could tell it was going to be a full house, even as we entered the stadium.  There were so many people, 9 out of 10 of them visible Blue Jays fans, and the mood was excited.  The antics of the Seattle mascot, Mariner Moose, were all part of the fun.
Our seats were near third base, several rows up and one or two sections over from the Blue Jays' dugout.  I had the chance to take more photos of the players, like this one of pitcher Joe Biagini (left), catcher Russell Martin (middle) and pitching coach Pete Walker sharing a laugh as they walk from the bullpen to the dugout just before the game started.
Here's Josh Donaldson leading a meeting on the field when the score wasn't going their way.
Jose Bautista at bat.
Troy Tulowitzki in the dugout during the game, watching the play on the field.
Unfortunately, the final score didn't go our way, the Jays lost 4-2.  Nevertheless, I just had to take a picture of the stadium's hand-operated scoreboard.
Not quite the result we wanted but as we walked back to our bus, the lights of the Seattle skyline combined with these lights embedded in the sidewalk made for a rather ghostly image of people walking away from the stadium. Very cool!

Day 93/100 - #100dayproject

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