Saturday, July 1, 2017

Canada 150

When you're turning 150 years old, it seems appropriate to spread the celebrations out for several days. It started on Wednesday when we had special Canada Day cakes for our monthly "cake day" at work.
The next day there were balloons in the lobby.
On Friday, we all received chocolate mooses - yum!
Today, July 1st, the big day had finally arrived.  I took myself on a walk to the nearby Tim Horton's, a Canadian institution known for their coffee and donuts.  I thought they'd have a special donut to commemorate the day but alas, they did not.  I did find this Yukon truck in the parking lot though, giving new meaning to the words "from far and wide"! 
Happy 150th Birthday, Canada!  As a country, we may not be perfect but we're working on it!!

Day 89/100 - #100dayproject

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