Sunday, July 2, 2017

Art Date

I had a couple of friends over today for an art date. It has been ages since I did any art journaling; it was fun to get back to it.  Here's what my page looks like at the moment.  I haven't decided if it's finished or not yet.  We each did an 11 x 15 inch page with the intention that it would be cut up into pieces afterwards to be added into a small journal, which is why my page looks like it has two distinct halves at the moment.
Here's are some closeups of different portions of the above page. The floral part is from a napkin that was glued to the page with matte medium. 
I love how different the art looks when you start isolating various portions.
We spent a few hours working on our pages, playing the "art journal game" by taking turns deciding what the next step would be (add book text, paint 3 areas blue, draw circles, cover 1/3 with gesso, stamp an image 5 times in red ink, paste on postage stamps, etc.)
Wish I had remembered to take a photo of my friends' pages so you could see how different each of their pages turned out.  Next time!

Day 90/100 - #100dayproject

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