Friday, September 4, 2015

When I Can't Sleep

In the dark of night
My mind is awake, keeping
Sleep out of my grasp.

Here is my list for day 4 of #30DaysofLists, what keeps me awake at night. Lucky for me, insomnia doesn't strike too often.  But when it does, these are the usual suspects.

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Annie said...

Insomnia is my inconstant companion as well. Thank goodness she does not visit often.

payal agarwal said...

Nicely done! Sometimes it feels I am a born insomniac, just trying to change my habits. :)

Lea said...

It is amazing to me how powerful our minds can be! Love how you captured those words in your list making in such a creative way Cynthia!

rebecca said...

i have a friend that loves that surge of accomplishment of crossing things of her to do list so much-if she forgets to write something on her list that she has still had the foresight to
accomplish-she will write it down after the fact- just so she can cross it off!!

hope you are sleeping sweetly and that your "packing" list is coming along in good order!

11 more sleeps!!!


rebecca said...

soon your list will be all about packing!!! and then dear friend- we will be together!