Thursday, September 3, 2015

A Photographic Enquiry

It's always a fascination to me to realize total strangers around the world read my blog. How they find it, I don't know - any Google search could point them towards one of my posts, depending on what they are looking for.  Such was the case recently when I had an email enquiry from a writer in Alaska who wanted to use this baby photo in an article he is working on about polar bears, as he thought the rug might be a polar bear skin.
As you may recall if you read this blog post from August 2011, the photo was one contained in a photo album I bought at an antique show.  All I knew was that the photos were probably from Germany and sure enough, here's the text from the back of the image:
The photo is dated 1918 in pencil and was taken in Franfurt but there is nO way of knowing what type of fur that rug might be, so the photo won't be used for his article but that's okay, I still love it!

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