Saturday, April 18, 2015

Haiku My Heart: Nesting 2015

We all want a home
A place to be safe, to dream
and hatch a new life.

Spring is slowly making her presence felt here in Toronto and the geese have returned.  You may recall last year's posts (you can read them here and here) about the pair of Canada geese who made a nest in the parking lot of the building next door to my office and successfully hatched a gaggle of little goslings.  I am assuming this is the same pair.

This year, they have chosen a different location. I'm still not convinced they really know what they're doing when they pick a spot, although this one appears to be slightly more sheltered.  The new nest is tucked up against a curb at the top of small rise between two parking lots.
From the upper parking lot side, you can only see the male standing guard when the female is sitting on the nest.
However, the past two mornings when I've arrived at work, one or both geese have been standing in the parking lot in not overly visible locations, surprising drivers as they turn into a parking spot and find a goose standing there.  Hopefully, they don't get hit by a car one of these days.

Nevertheless, I for one am glad to see them back!

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Anonymous said...

Simple and to the point. The heart years for what the heart needs.

Lea said...

I remember your posts from last year and wonder at how they hold that memory in their being... and return. Lovely post Cynthia!

rebecca said...

the joy of reunions. old friends with new dreams to hatch-i think they are well aware that there is a host of humans waiting to protect them!
this brings me such happiness.