Tuesday, April 14, 2015

A Visit to Frida's House - Part 1

Jane Davenport is in Mexico City this week with Kathie Vezzani, teaching a workshop based on her love of all things Frida Kahlo.  A couple of people I know are also on the trip and seeing the photos they have all been posting is reminding me of the wonderful workshop week I experienced last month and our visit to the museum that used to be her home.
She was born is what is known as the Casa Azul (the Blue House) and lived most of her life there, some of it with her husband Diego Rivera.  It is quite a large property, with a central courtyard garden area.
The kitchen is cheerfully painted in blue and yellow and decorated with patterns made with tiny ceramic mugs on the walls.
There are two bedrooms, one described as the bedroom she used during the daytime, which includes the mirror her mother had installed above the bed after her accident and a death mask of Frida lying on the bedspread.
This pretty view of the courtyard is what she would have seen, lying on that bed.
The second, "night" bedroom contains a cabinet full of her toy collection (including a collection of dolls she designed) and features a picture of Diego.
Her ashes reside in the large urn on the left hand side of this dresser that also sits in that room.
There are many of her paintings on display throughout the various rooms, including her final painting, a still life of watermelon slices entitled "Viva la Vida".

A sketch from a trip to New York City

Many of the paintings are described as being full of "tortured images", dealing as they did with the chronic pain she suffered following a bus accident when she was just eighteen.
The sight of her wheelchair in front of her easel is particularly poignant.
For me, it was very special to be in what used to be her studio and see her art supplies on display.
I was quite surprised to see all these bottles of glitter!
I would have loved to had a look inside these journals!
All in all, it is a beautiful spot and yet, not surprisingly, it is permeated with a feeling of sadness.

Tomorrow, Part 2 of my visit to Frida's home.

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