Wednesday, April 8, 2015

A Mexican Bakery

One of the places we visited last month in Mexico City was a bakery.  Never before have I seen so many beautiful cakes in one place.
And never before have I seen cakes this size - they were HUGE!!
We asked about the price of the one above and were told it would cost about $2,000. Can you imagine?
Cakes of every size, shape and colour.  We walked about the floor and gazed in wonder.

Absolute works of art.
The cakes were all located on the second floor. On the main floor, there was a large bakery with every other type of pastry you could imagine.
Happy looking customers like this lady placed their selections on a plate and then took it to the counter to be wrapped.
The staff bundled up your goodies into packages like this.
Believe it or not, I left without buying a single item.  I just couldn't decide, there were too many choices. Plus we had just eaten lunch before our visit and I was feeling rather full.  Of course, I regretted not buying anything for the rest of the afternoon!

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