Thursday, January 15, 2015

January Journal Junkies

This past Monday night was our monthly Journal Junkies meeting at Bizzy B.  This month's theme was "lifestyles", with the alternate choice being "relations".  The product of the month was paint.

I wasn't too excited about either theme but I found this quote by Mehmet Oz and decided to use it.  I had fun playing with paint for my background.  I started with a page onto which I had already glued down some bits of paper and images and I just started layering from there.  Here is the result:
Marissa's lifestyles page was focused on healthy choices:
Newcomer Jane collaged a number of images to illustratre a healthy lifestyle:
Louise created a page based on her new activity, aquafit:
Donna was inspired by the "relations" theme to do this journal spread about famous sisters:
Marilyn used the ATC group's theme of "frozen" for her journal page and why not? The themes are just a suggestion, we can do what we like in our own journals, it's all fun!
We're off to a good start for this year!

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Vanessa said...

it's so cool how you show everyone's pages. I love how a theme inspires people differently.