Friday, January 23, 2015

Haiku My Heart Friday: We Are All Charlie

It is not just Paris
It could happen anywhere
We are all Charlie.

I needed to paint this journal page to get thoughts of the tragic events in Paris two weeks ago out of my head, but the pain and the fear lingers on in my heart.


rebecca said...

together under the wings of orly we learned the power of expressing our deepest emotions on journal pages. so good to see you seeking solace here.
so heartbreaking, such senseless loss.

Lea said...

Yes Cynthia, to be able to express with word and art... is so incredibly precious. Thank you for this post and haiku.

Gillena Cox said...

deep and timely; very expressive

Have a good week

much love...

Vanessa said...

this is a beautiful haiku, my friend. I love it in conjunction with that page. Very strong message

J C said...

I think many of us have that fear Cynthia. You are not alone. The world is changing very fast. What happened in Paris was so wrong.