Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Great Storage Idea

I've got more to tell you about the weekend classes I took with Julie Balzer but not tonight, I'm too pooped. Just got home from doing some shopping after work. In addition to groceries, I simply had to get myself to Michaels to pick up some scrapbook albums after seeing how Julie stored her stencils. The 12 x 12 size of the albums is perfect for holding 12 inch square stencils and it turns out, they make 8 x 8 inch albums too, which are just right for holding the 6 inch size stencils.  Each album has 10 pages, to hold a minimum of 20 stencils.  You can get either white or black pages, both of which show off the stencil pattern very well.
I think Julie said she uses the Project Life divided pocket pages in her binder, which hold various sizes of stencils and masks, including her cute little "Balzer Bits".  I love how she has labelled the pockets, so she knows exactly what goes where (and can thus easily tell what is missing, which I'm sure is helpful when she is using them for classes).
A glimpse into Julie's stencil binder
I looked at those divided pages but even at 40% off, the PL binders and insert pages seemed a bit pricey so I went with the less expensive Reflections albums.  I thought they might be easier to tote around to play dates than the heavier PL style binders, we'll see.  I've got some 4 x 6 photo album pages I can use to tuck my little bits into in the meantime.  I'm just super excited to have this new storage system in place!

Once again, many thanks to Julie for the inspiration!

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Createology said...

Great idea. I have always used those little 4 x 6 photo albums for my brass embossing stencils. They are contained and easy to see and access. Creative Bliss...