Thursday, October 23, 2014

Canadians Worth Watching

It was hard to concentrate at work today.  My thoughts kept turning to yesterday's horrifying events. Rex Murphy provided a poignant two minute summary of the day on the CBC last night.  It's two minutes worth watching.

Here's the link, in case the video above doesn't play (I'm having trouble watching videos on my laptop, although they seem to play just fine on my iPad mini, why is that?!): Rex Murphy.

I was really impressed with the news coverage on the CBC yesterday.  Peter Mansbridge and Evan Solomon did an excellent job covering the story live for several hours in a calm and informative manner.

There were poignant moments today, as stories began to appear describing the characters of the slain soldiers, pictures of the police cars blocking the street where Corporal Cirillo's family lives to ensure their privacy in these first hours of their grief, news of the donations pouring in for a trust established the victims' families.  Also moving was the footage of the standing ovation received by the man credited with taking down the assailant, Kevin Vickers, the Sergeant-at-Arms in the House of Commons when today's session began. It lasted several minutes and it was clear he was visibly moved, as were we who watched.  Just another soldier doing his job, perhaps, but one who also deserves to be hailed as a hero.  Here's the link for the clip with that footage:  Kevin Vickers.

Honour. Sacrifice. Solidarity.  We are Canadian.

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