Thursday, October 30, 2014

Remembering San Miguel de Allende

Exactly a year ago, I was enjoying a week in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.  I thought I'd peek back at the 224 photos I took on that day in 2013 and share some of them here today, since I never did get around to posting enough of them last year.

A lot of my photos feature the beautiful churches and architecture of the town.
There were so many fascinating places to see, the colours and images still resonate with me even as I look back at the images I captured through my lens.
I had my picture taken with a sculpture created by Anado McLauchlin:
Judy Wise gave us a lesson on how to paint faces that day:
Making art in this courtyard was a special experience we enjoyed every day.
We had a drink on a patio overlooking the city as night was falling.  As I recall, it started to rain shortly after we left!
The view was quite magical.
As we were leaving the restaurant, we stopped to have our picture taken in cardboard cutouts featuring the catarinas associated with the Day of the Dead.
Altars were beginning to appear everywhere for the upcoming celebrations.
Fortunately for me, I will soon be travelling back to this magical place. I am so looking forward to being there again!

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rebecca said...

dearest cynthia,
thank you for taking me back to each wonderful memory. thank you for following your heart to this land of enhancement and into the hearts of each of us!


p.s. are you packed?