Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Not One But Two

I am indeed a lucky girl. Yesterday, I found in my mailbox not one but two awesome packages from far away friends.

Barb in Florida sent me some maps so I can prepare for my visit next February:
and wrote me a note on ledger paper decorated with inked flourishes - such a clever idea! (I am totally going to steal it!)
The outside of the envelope was decorated with this beautiful dragonfly stamp on the back
and Dina Wakley's Scribbly Bird stamps on the front (the very same ones I just bought myself last week!)
Best of all were the multitude of U.S. songbird stamps she used to mail the package with - squeeeee!
Susan in Seattle sent me a pop-up card that I had asked her to get for me at the Natural History Museum in Paris.  It looks like this when it is closed:
and opens to this:
It looks just like the actual museum! (which reminds me, I still have many photos from Paris to share, must do that very soon!)
She also included a whole bunch of yummy paper ephemera.
 and decorated the envelope with this very cool duct tape:
Thank you so much, ladies, for these very special packages!

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Nonnie said...

ooh, such lovely ephemera, and I may have to get me that bird stamp, it's glorious. what a stunning pop-up card! I find myself almost envious of people who've been able to visit Paris- almost, not quite because that is so wrong.