Friday, July 11, 2014

Thursday in Paris

Another busy, wonderful day in Paris. The cool, grey and often rainy weather means we have to be a little fluid with our plans (pardon the pun) but still, it doesn't matter, we are in Paris!!

Visited the art supply section of the BHV department store and had lunch in their 5th floor cafeteria, overlooking the Paris rooftops. 
Then a walk along the Seine and across one of the "love lock" bridges

for a visit to the famous Sennelier art store, where we got to meet Mr. Sennelier himself, who graciously welcomed us and told us a bit of history about the store. 

After that, a guided tour of the Musee D'Orsay. I'd never been inside before, what a fabulous building and collection of artwork!

On the way to the Metro, we came up right beside the large Ferris wheel that has been installed (I'm told) as part of the Tour de France celebrations. It was after 9 pm, we were tired after a 2 hour museum visit and we hadn't had dinner yet but of course, we had to ride it!! 

Back to our accommodations for dinner at a nearby restaurant but it all seemed anti-climatic after that ferris wheel experience!!

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